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DataLinkTM is a full traceability system for the microbiological analysis of a sample, from its plating to colony counting with easySpiral® automatic platers and Scan® automatic colony counters.

Plating data (volume, dilution, time, mode …) are on a Datamatrix or QR Code label on the Petri dish. You do not need a database anymore.
After incubation, the Datamatrix label is read by the Scan® software and gets all the information about the sample, from the plating to the colony counter settings.

Simply press « COUNT ». There is no more long data re-entering and potential errors. Export the results, photos and comments to LIMS*, ExcelTM, PDF, JPEG.




Security of the analyses
- Full traceability
- Error-free settings

- No manual entry of data
- Automatic settings of the Scan® colony counter

- Stand-alone system
- No use of database or network


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