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INTERSCIENCE is committed to providing high-quality instruments and consumables for labs. We operate through a Quality Management System which gained ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in 2003 and our products obey to international standards, certifications and european directives.
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ISO 9001-2008
All our products are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001-2008 standards.

All our products are designed and manufactured according to CE, ROHS et WEEE European directives

CFR 21 part 11
Scan® range of automatic colony counters: Scan® 300, Scan® 500, Scan® 1200 comply with CFR 21 part 11: system securization, operational controls and documentation management.

ISO 4833-2:2013
The ISO 4833:2013 norm standardizes plating and enumeration of microorganisms incubated on PCA media. This standard recommends using a Spiral plater such as easySpiral, automatic colony counters such as Scan and filter bags such as BagFilter.

AFNOR V08-100
easySpiral® automatic plater and PetriPile Petri dish storage stack are in compliance with AFNOR V08-100.

G.L.P « Good Laboratory Practices »
Our products are recognized worldwide as references for their quality, reliability, and accuracy. They comply with GLP «Good Laboratory Practices»

IQ, OQ, PQ certificates
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