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Sample preparation

BAGSYSTEM is a full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample for its microbiological or chemical analysis.

Applied to many industries: food, pharmaceutical & medical, cosmetics, research & public institutes, environmental…

- No risks of cross-contamination
- Excellent bacterial extraction
- Filtration during blending
- Significantly increases your analyzing capacities

IMG/jpg/bagfilter_bagsystem.jpg + IMG/jpg/diluflow_bagsystem.jpg + IMG/jpg/bagmixer_bagsystem.jpg
Blender bags Gravimetric dilutors Lab blenders

-Traceability & High-performance


1. Collect the sample

Place the solid sample in a blender bag.


2. Dilute the sample

Weigh the sample on the DiluFlow dilutor. The dilutor automatically adds the appropriate mass of diluent.


3. Homogenize the sample

The sample is homogenized with a lab blender. Bacteria are extracted from the sample without being destroyed in less than 60 seconds. There is no contact between the sample and the machine to avoid cross contamination.


4. Pipet the filtrate

The filtration during blending is instant and sterile. Thanks to the filter in the bag, no residue or debris will block the pipet or cause errors in the colony counting.


Blender bags

With blender bags, you can collect, homogenize and filtrate any solid sample for microbiological analysis.

IMG/jpg/bagfilter-3.jpg IMG/jpg/bagpage-2.jpg IMG/jpg/baglight.jpg IMG/jpg/rollbag.jpg
BagFilter range BagPage range BagLight range RollBag range
instaBAG range

Gravimetric dilutors

DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors are designed for the quick and safe automatic dilution of a solid sample (between 1 g and 375 g) with the appropriate weight of diluent.

IMG/jpg/diluflowelite.jpg IMG/jpg/diluflowelite.jpg IMG/jpg/diluflowpro.jpg IMG/jpg/diluflow-3.jpg
DiluFlow Elite 5 kg DiluFlow Elite 1 kg DiluFlow Pro DiluFlow

Lab blenders

Lab blenders guarantee optimal bacterial extraction. The homogenized sample is ready to be analyzed in less than 60 seconds.

IMG/jpg/jumbomix_vw.jpg IMG/jpg/jumbomix_vp.jpg IMG/jpg/jumbomix_warmmix.jpg IMG/jpg/bagmixer_sw.jpg
JumboMix 3500 VW JumboMix 3500 VP JumboMix 3500 WarmMix BagMixer 400 SW
IMG/jpg/bagmixer_s.jpg IMG/jpg/bagmixer_cc.jpg IMG/jpg/bagmixer_w.jpg IMG/jpg/bagmixer_p.jpg
BagMixer 400 S BagMixer 400 CC BagMixer 400 W BagMixer 400 P
IMG/jpg/minimix_w.jpg IMG/jpg/minimix_p.jpg
MiniMix 100 W CC MiniMix 100 P CC


A complete range of accessories for safe and efficient laboratory work.

IMG/jpg/bagpipet.jpg IMG/jpg/bagrack.jpg IMG/jpg/bagclip.jpg IMG/jpg/bagopen.jpg
BagPipet & BagTips BagRack BagClip BagOpen
IMG/jpg/bagseal.jpg IMG/jpg/petripile.jpg
BagSeal PetriPile

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